Walk 4 Hope Welcomes Pets!

Hi, there! I’m Daisy Mae Clementine Petunia. My family all had different ideas about what my name should be so… I ended up with a bunch of them! Anyhow, I’m the fluffy mini-Golden Doodle in the picture. The big guy is my bestie, Kipper. He lives right next door to us.

Kipper and I would like to invite our furry friends to join us at the Walk 4 Hope on September 25th. It’s an event that’s a super big deal for both of us. Here’s why.
My Aunt Rhonda was the most fabulous lady. She’s the one who started MOCC just six weeks before we lost her to mucinous ovarian cancer. Aunt Ra came to stay with us right after her diagnosis, and I hung out with her all day, every day. We were inseparable.
Furry family members, like Kipper and me, take the job of caregiver very seriously. When someone we love is sick, we know we can make a difference. You might even call us therapists, right? It’s important work and we are honored to do it.
Even though Aunt Rhonda is gone from our sight, our work continues. That’s because my family and I are determined to help find a cure for mucinous ovarian cancer. We want to keep other families from having to say good-bye to a woman they love far too soon, like we had to do.

Ready to Hit Up Some Sponsors?

Instead of charging unemployed puppers like all of us a registration fee for the Walk 4 Hope, we are encouraging you to get sponsors. Show off that cute little face. Wag that tail. Hoomans love that stuff! We’ll put your face on our Facebook page. You can tell all the hoomans you know to send a few bucks to MOCC online in your name. Because we are an all-volunteer organization, every dollar we raise goes to fund Rhonda’s Award, a $50,000 research grant named in honor of my aunt.

Here's how to get started:
  • Hooman required: Grab your hooman and ask them to post a picture of you along with a quick note to their Facebook page. A really cute one that will get lots of attention! Have them explain to their Facebook friends that you are raising money for the Walk 4 Hope and rare ovarian cancer research. And you need their help!

  • Tag MOCC: Be sure to tag us in your post: @MucinousOvarianCancerCoalition. We’ll share your furry face on our page, too. NOTE: If you don’t follow us on Facebook already, you might need to in order to tag us.

  • Email us: Once the post is up, have your hooman drop us an email to let us know. We’ll send you a pledge sheet you can use to round up donations. No minimum required! Any amount helps. We’ll have fabulous prizes for pups who raise money for MOCC.

  • Share: Encourage friends and family to share your picture so you can raise even more money!

  • Pledge info: People can either give you cash to bring to the walk or donate online. Just make sure you add everyone who donates to your pledge sheet.

  • Register your hooman: The suggested minimum donation for your hooman to join the Walk 4 Hope is $25. They can sign up here: https://www.hope4moc.org/register-for-the-walk-4-hope/