Leadership Teams

The Mucinous Ovarian Cancer Coalition is a mission-driven, volunteer organization. Each of our board and committee members donates their time and talent to further the organization’s cause.


Board of Directors

Shelley Laurell, President

Bonnie DeLange, Secretary
Michelle Schwartz, Treasurer

Kathy Mroz

Jennifer Wilkins

Walk 4 Hope Committee

Amy Bis
Lori Baldwin

Casey Decker

Bonnie DeLange

Dawn DuPree

Alysha Eipperle

Shelley Laurell

Kathy Mroz

Michelle Schwartz

Diana Van Winkle

Jennifer Wilkins

Jules Wilkins

Vickie Wilkins

Advisor to the Board

Sharon Laurell

In Memory

Rhonda Couch, Founder
For questions or to learn how you can get involved, please email the Coalition at Hope4MOC@gmail.com.