Ways to Give

The Mucinous Ovarian Cancer Coalition is composed entirely of volunteers. Each team member donates their time to ensure that donor gifts go toward research and financial support for women undergoing treatment.

You can support the Coalition’s work in a variety of ways. Here are a few suggestions:

Make a Donation

Use our online donation button below to contribute any amount your budget permits. If you prefer, you can mail your check to Mucinous Ovarian Cancer Coalition:
7293 Hidden Valley Dr. Lambertville, MI 48144

Host a Facebook Fundraiser

One easy idea to raise money for MOCC is to set up a fundraiser on Facebook. It can be for your birthday, an anniversary, or no special occasion at all! Facebook walks you through the set up process and makes it easy to track and share your progress with friends.

Use this link to find more details and set up your personal Facebook fundraiser.

Enroll in Raise Right

Another way to donate to MOCC without spending a dime is by enrolling in the Raise Right program. You’ll download an app you use to purchase gift cards to your stores, restaurants, and more. For each one you purchase, we’ll receive a portion of the card’s face value. It couldn’t be any easier!

Here’s how it works:

  • Send us an email at Hope4MOC@gmail.com to tell us you’d like to enroll. 

  • Our program coordinator will email you information and an invitation/link.

  • Once enrolled, you can download the Raise Right app for your phone or shop through the Raise Right website.

  • You’ll purchase and load gift cards to your app where the credit will be stored in your “wallet.”

  • When you visit the store or restaurant, you’ll go to your wallet in the app and click on “Use Card” to view your unique numbers /PIN.

Send a Gift Card

Part of the Coalition’s mission is to offer support to women who are struggling financially while undergoing treatment. You can help them in their fight against MOC by purchasing a gift card, or cashing in your credit card points for gift cards. Suggested vendors include gas stations, Amazon, grocery stores, drugstores, home-delivered meal services, and restaurants, but others are welcome.

Donate Supplies from our Amazon Wish List

We maintain an MOCC Wish List on Amazon for items and supplies we regularly use. Most are items that go in MOCC Cares Packages. You can choose as many products as you choose and Amazon ships them right to us. It’s a great way to support our mission!

Attend an
In-Person or Virtual Event

Once or twice a year, the Coalition will host a fundraiser of some type, either in-person or virtually. We invite you to join us. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will be notified of any planned events.

Host an Event

Fundraisers, big and small, serve two beneficial purposes. They increase awareness about MOC while also raising money to finance research and offer support to women with the disease. Remember, simple ideas can yield big results. For example, a local restaurant or shop may be willing to donate a portion of their proceeds for a day to those individuals linked to your fundraiser. Or get the younger generation involved! Help the kids set up an iced coffee bar or hot chocolate stand in the front yard or outside a favorite destination. (This has the added advantage of setting them up to be lifelong philanthropists!)

Select MOCC for Kroger Rewards

Kroger makes it easy to donate to MOCC without spending a dime! When you sign up for Kroger Community Rewards, and designate us as your charity, we receive a portion of your purchases. At no extra cost to you.

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Visit the Kroger website. If you don’t have an existing account, you’ll need to create one.

  • Once you are signed in, click on “my account” in the right corner under the blue bar.

  • Click on “Account Settings.” Navigate to the bottom of the page and select “Community Rewards.”

  • Then you’ll need to either click on “Change Organization” or “Edit Community Rewards Program Information.” It will ask you to enter your Kroger Plus card number and zip code.

  • After entering your information, you will be asked to choose your organization.

  • We are listed as: Mucinous Ovarian Cancer Coalition

  • The Organization Number for Monroe County, Michigan and Ohio residents is: JD406

  • The Organization Number for the rest of Michigan is: RK923

  • Select your organization and save your selection.

Donate in Someone's Honor

Consider making a contribution in honor of someone whose life has been touched by ovarian cancer or as a thank-you to a health care professional engaged in the fight. If you’d like, we can share their story on our Facebook page so you can publicly honor them, as well.

Encourage a Corporate Gift

Does the company or organization you work for offer a matching gift program for employees? That means your gift works twice as hard! If your employer doesn’t offer such a program, we’ll be happy to contact them to encourage them to start one and offer options for recognizing and spotlighting their generosity.

Contact MOCC

For more information or to set up a time to talk with one of our team members about fundraising ideas, please email us at Hope4MOC@gmail.com.

To learn more about the Coalition, visit
Rhonda’s Story or our Mission page.