Counseling Services

The Mucinous Ovarian Cancer Coalition is pleased to offer several different types of counseling to women at all stages of the disease. One format is group support sessions and the other is one-on-one. Each of these services is offered virtually via Zoom at no cost to participants.
Virtual Support Group Meetings:
Held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at noon, these virtual gatherings are designed to provide women with a format for supporting one another through shared challenges. Ann Fodrey leads the group. She's a Certified Oncology Nurse Navigator who provides support and education to cancer patients every day. MOCC is lucky to have her leading our Virtual Support Group. Ann encourages those who've been a little reluctant to join the group to at least give it a try. You'll have an opportunity to connect with your peers in a safe, supportive environment. "I have been blessed to have cancer survivors in my life for 7 years as an Oncology Nurse Navigator, and look forward to meeting you!”
Individual Counseling:
This format is for women with mucinous ovarian cancer who prefer a one-on-one counseling experience. Some women even participate in these sessions, as well as our Virtual Support group meetings. The individual counseling sessions are conducted by Margie Gerber, a 30-year mental health therapist. MOCC is fortunate to have Margie on our team. She has experience helping people with health challenges, stress management, relationship issues, and more. Margie will make you feel supported and understood as she helps you navigate the difficulties of living with cancer.

You can register for our support group or schedule an individual counseling session by emailing us:

Breathe Workshops for Women with MOC
We also invite you to participate in any of our Breathe sessions at no cost. From yoga to watercolor painting and container gardening, these virtual classes are open to women with mucinous ovarian cancer and their families. Each is held online using Zoom. You can view our current Breathe schedule here.