Featured Corporate Partner:
Senior Care Content Specialists

A nonprofit organization’s digital presence speaks to people long before they ever reach out and make contact. Having a website that tells your story allows you to virtually connect with visitors, and encourages them to become donors and supporters.

MOCC’s website has been so well received due to the volunteers who helped design it, and the writers and editors at Senior Care Content Specialists (SCCS), who created its voice and content. By donating their time and considerable talent, SCCS team members allowed the Coalition to keep start-up expenses to a minimum. And every new page on the site continues to be added at no cost to MOCC.

In addition to its in-kind donation, SCCS made a generous financial contribution to further research and care for women living with mucinous ovarian cancer. This gift helps MOCC move closer to our goal of funding research projects early in 2021.
It’s easy to see why SCCS is considered one of the leading content agencies specializing in aging services and health care. A great big “thank you” goes out to each and every one of the team members at Senior Care Content Specialists!

Would you like to see your business featured on this page?

MOCC invites corporations and organizations to join us in this fight. For a minimum gift of $1,000, we’ll highlight your business here on the MOCC website. Then your logo and feature will remain a permanent part of our website and story.
There are a variety of other partnership opportunities, too. We’ll even create a custom package based on your contribution and interests.
Contact us at: Hope4MOC@gmail.com to learn more!