How to Get Help

Battling cancer is never easy. Managing medications, dealing with painful side effects, and living with chronic fatigue are just a few of the many challenges patients encounter. The disease takes a toll on the body, mind, and spirit.

Mucinous ovarian cancer is an especially difficult form of ovarian cancer. It leaves most women unable to work or even take care of themselves some days. A spouse or other family member often has to cut back on their work schedule to act as caregiver. The stress it creates at an already difficult time can be overwhelming. No woman should have to worry about money or struggle by herself when she’s in the fight of her life.
The Mucinous Ovarian Cancer Coalition wants you to know you aren’t alone.
Your fight is our fight.

Gift Cards for Essentials

If you are having trouble buying healthy groceries, ordering medical supplies not covered by insurance, or paying for gas, the Coalition wants to help bridge the gap. While we are a young organization with a modest budget, we may be able to send you a gift card to a grocery store, gas station, or other necessary store or vendor.
Please email us at for a short application form we ask you to complete and return.

Resources for Financial Support

Other resources you or a loved one can contact for financial assistance and support include:

American Cancer Society: The Treatment & Support Center of the American Cancer Society can be a great site for women struggling with finances, treatment side effects, and more. Caregivers will find resources here, too.

BenefitsCheckUp: Created by the National Council on Aging, this tool helps connect older adults with benefits they might not realize they qualify to receive. They range from nutrition assistance to housing.

CancerCare: This organization offers support to all types of cancer patients and caregivers. You’ll find a variety of resources here, from support groups to financial assistance with medical co-pays.

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition: Visit this site to learn more about a network of organizations that offer support to cancer patients. Select what types of assistance you need (e.g., housing, wigs, or transportation), and you’ll receive a list of agencies that may be able to help.
CaringBridge: Friends and neighbors often want to help but aren’t sure how. By creating a free website, you make it easy to share what tasks you need assistance with, such as transportation or meals.

Cleaning for a Reason: The gift of a clean home can be a blessing when you aren’t feeling well. Contact this organization to learn more.

PAN Foundation: This organization accepts applications for assistance based on your disease type. If ovarian cancer isn’t currently open for support, you can sign up to be placed on the wait list and notified when the fund is open again.

RxHope: Prescriptions are another expense that can quickly add up. Patients and caregivers can apply for assistance online.