Mucinous Ovarian Cancer Research

MOCC Grants

Founded in 2020, the Mucinous Ovarian Cancer Coalition was created, in part, to provide grants to investigators working toward a cure for this rare disease. While currently a small foundation, we have set ambitious goals for growth. We anticipate expanding the amounts and types of grants awarded in the near future.

MOCC is committed to funding research that advances the development of screening tests and treatment options. The ultimate goal is to find a cure for this disease. To that end, the request for proposals for Rhonda’s Award begins on 
February 1, 2021.  

Rhonda's Award

Rhonda was the cofounder of the Mucinous Ovarian Cancer Coalition and she continues to be the inspiration for our work. Rhonda battled this rare type of ovarian cancer with grace and empathy, always looking for ways to support other women diagnosed with the disease. Her spirit and positive approach to life guides us each day.

MOCC will consider proposals for projects up to $25,000. Special consideration will be given to those with a goal of identifying early-stage mucinous ovarian cancer, and innovative approaches to treating advanced stages of this rare disease. The Advisory Committee will use a modified version of the NIH scale for grading proposals.

Call for Proposals

The timeline for the grant review process is as follows:

· February 1, 2021: Call for proposals begins. Investigators who are interested in applying should submit an abstract only to

· March 15, 2021:  Deadline for submitting abstracts. Must be received by 9:00 a.m. (EST). 

· March 16–30, 2021:  MOCC Advisory Board reviews abstracts and determines those invited to submit a full proposal.

· April 2, 2021:  Applicants are notified of status. Those invited to proceed will be asked to submit a detailed proposal including a budget and any additional sources of financial support.

· April 23, 2021:  Deadline for submitting full proposal. Must be received by 9:00 a.m. (EST).

· April 26–May 10, 2021:  MOCC Advisory Board reviews full proposals and makes a recommendation for the recipient of Rhonda’s Award.

· May 17, 2021:  MOCC announces the first recipient of Rhonda’s Award.  

Contact us at with questions about the process or the Coalition.